Sushi Coral Gables

Sushi Coral Gables

The proliferation of sushi in the United States makes it easy to get the dish whenever you want. You, however, need to order from sushi in Coral Gables from a restaurant if you wish to the native and complete sushi experience. Sitting at a sushi bar allows you to interact with the seasoned chefs as you witness the making or preparation of the plate. Additionally, you get to enjoy the sushi as is because the texture and smell will still be fresh seconds after leaving the preparation table.

It is, however, typical for most beginners not to know the proper way of enjoying a meal. The unchartered culinary waters of a sushi bar will confuse anyone who does not know how to work the different servings. We do not want you to understand the scientific and culinary differences between Nigiri and Norimake. It is, however, comfortable if you can enjoy a delicious meal with simple sushi practices.

How to enjoy any sushi meal

Common additives

Soy sauce

It is recommendable that you dip the dish in the sauce, instead of the rice. Soy sauce enhances the fish’s taste and is inconvenient for rice dips because of too much absorption.


This spice is a hot paste that will fire your sushi fast. Use a small amount or mix it into the soy sauce for a diffused taste.


The proper technique is to eat small bites in between the sushi to cleanse the palate. Some guests prefer to eat it on top of the sushi for the combinative taste.


This rice-based alcohol additive is best warm, hot, or cold. Colder temperatures enhance the taste and improve the sushi’s quality. The alcohol content, in Sake, is equal to that of wine; hence be keen to mind your drinking.

Best eating practice

Separate the additives

Most people mix wasabi into the soy sauce and mix it to perfection. This practice destroys the taste of the soy sauce and wasabi and overpowers the sushi’s taste. Place the wasabi on the sushi and dip it lightly into the soy sauce for the full flavor.

Adding any liquid into the rice separates the granules and makes it difficult to eat. Additionally, too much soy sauce prevents one from enjoying all the delicate flavors in the roll.

Use chopsticks

It is tempting to revert to a fork and spoon when you cannot get a grip on the best way of using chopsticks. Moreso, replacing chopsticks with folks makes it impossible for you to gather all the rice pieces and dilutes the experience of enjoying a native Japanese cuisine. You can always use your hands if you do not know how to use chopsticks because sushi is originally a finger food for the Japanese culture.

Eat at the bar

It is best to verify the experience of an eatery spot through Yelp or Google reviews. You can get the best place at our restaurant by making bookings with the online portal or direct telephone number. We have a modern vibe that makes it perfect for any happy hour, lunch, or dinner reservation for sushi in Coral Gables.

Sushi Coral Gables

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