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Summer Grill Tips

Now that summer is coming, it’s time to light the grill and have some delicious BBQ. This summer, grilling advice will help you advance your skills. This article will concentrate on pellet grilling, brisket smoking, and other mouthwatering meats to smoke. Let’s go!

Tips for Pellet Grilling

With good cause, pellet grilling has grown in acceptance in recent years. Pellet grills are adaptable, simple to use, and deliver top-notch results. To help you get the most out of your barbecue, consider the following pellet grilling advice:

1. Take care of your pellet grill.

Make sure your pellet grill is prepared and clean before you begin cooking. To clean the grill’s interior and grates, use a grill brush. Your food will cook evenly and taste wonderful as a result of this.

2. Get Your Pellet Grill Warmed Up

Before cooking, preheat your pellet grill for at least 10-15 minutes. This will ensure your grill reaches the right temperature and your food cooks evenly. Keeping consistency in mind,

3. Choose the Right Pellets

The flavor of each pellet varies, so be sure to pick the perfect one for the meat you’re cooking. Mesquite pellets are ideal for cattle, while hickory pellets are fantastic for pigs. Make sure you select the appropriate pellets for the task.

4. Use a meat thermometer

To keep track of the interior temperature of your meat, use a meat thermometer. This will help you avoid overcooking and reach the ideal degree of doneness. Keep in mind that overcooked meat is rough and dry.

5. Let Your Meat Rest

Allow your meat to rest for a few minutes after cooking it. Doing this allows the juices to be distributed again, making the food more soft and tasty. Do not hurry the procedure!

Smoking Briskets

Brisket is a traditional meat for barbecue, and smoking it may produce a tasty, tender, and savory dinner. The following advice will help you smoke the ideal brisket:

1. Pick the Correct Cut

A brisket with plenty of fat and marbling is what you want. Your brisket will be tender and tasty as a result.

2. Spice up the brisket

Before smoking, thoroughly season your brisket with a dry rub. Before cooking, allow it to sit in the refrigerator for at least an hour. As a result, the meat will be able to absorb the taste.

3. Smoke Low and Slow

Your brisket should be slow-smoked. Smoke your brisket for at least one hour per pound, aiming for a temperature of 225–250°F. A juicy, tender brisket will be produced as a result.

4. Wrap Your Brisket

Once your brisket reaches an internal temperature of 165°F, wrap it in foil or butcher paper. It will stay moist and soft thanks to this.

5. Allow the brisket to rest.

Let your brisket rest after cooking for at least 30 minutes before cutting it. By doing this, the liquids can be distributed more evenly, giving the food a richer flavor.

Additional Delicious Summer Meats to Smoke

Even though brisket is a barbecue staple, many other mouthwatering meats can be smoked. Here are some suggestions:

  • Ribs

Depending on your preference, you can attain fall-off-the-bone softness and smoky taste by smoking baby back or spare ribs on the barbecue. Your ribs should be dry-rubbed, smoked slowly, and basted with your preferred barbecue sauce for 30 minutes of cooking.

  • Chicken

A tasty and healthful summertime grilling option is smoked chicken. Your chicken will taste best after being dry-rubbed with seasoning, smoked slowly, then finished with a glaze of honey or barbecue sauce. You can also smoke whole birds, chicken wings, or chicken breasts for a lighter option.

  • Shoulder of pork

Another excellent meat to smoke on the grill is pork shoulder, sometimes called pig butt. For mouthwatering pulled pork sandwiches, season it with a dry rub, smoke it slowly, and shred it with two forks.

  • Salmon

Salmon that has been smoked is a cool and nutritious summer food. Salmon fillets should be overnight brined, smoked slowly, and served with a dill sauce or cream cheese side.


The summer is the ideal season to light the grill and indulge in some mouthwatering BBQ. Whether you’re an expert pellet griller, a brisket aficionado, or just getting started, these suggestions will help you up your grilling game. Try smoking fresh meats and vegetables for a tasty and healthful summer outdoor feast. Enjoy your grill!

And if you find this article helpful or have any suggestions feel free to reach us!


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