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Best Wine for Brisket: How to Pair Wine With Smoked Brisket

If you enjoy smoked brisket, you know how transformative it can be to discover the ideal wine to pair with its complex, smokey flavors. The perfect wine may enhance your brisket experience, regardless of whether you’re throwing a BBQ or just in the mood for something tasty to eat. To help your next BBQ get together into something special, we’ve compiled a list of the top wines to pair with smoked brisket.

How Come Wine Goes Well with Brisket?

It’s not only a taste choice when wine is paired with smoked brisket; it’s a sensory experience that can improve your whole meal. A wide range of options are available in the rich and varied world of wines, and each one adds a special touch to the flavorful, smoky brisket. Here’s why wine and brisket go together like clockwork:

Cabernet Sauvignon

It should come as no surprise that Cabernet Sauvignon, sometimes called the “king of red wines,” goes incredibly well with smoked brisket. The deep, dark berry notes and firm tannins of Cabernet Sauvignon offer a perfect counterpoint to the meat’s smokiness. Its bold, robust flavors complement the intensity of smoked brisket. This wine is an excellent option for brisket lovers because of its richness and structure, which improve the whole meal experience.

Best Choice
Fontana French Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Kit

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With its fruity and spicy flavor character, zinfandel is another wine that goes incredibly well with smoked brisket. Zinfandel’s fruity undertones balance the sweetness of the rub or sauce for brisket, making for a delicious flavor combination. The meat’s smokiness is complemented by this wine’s jammy, robust character, elevating the flavor profile.

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Fontana Zinfandel Blush Wine Kit

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With its silky texture and rich blackberry aromas, Surely Wine elevates the taste of smoked brisket. BBQ enthusiasts love Surely Wine because it enhances the rich, smoky aromas of the brisket with undertones of plum and blackberry that take the texture and overall flavor to new heights.

Best Choice
Surely Non Alcoholic Wine

Surely's 0% Alcohol Red Blend: A unique non-alcoholic wine crafted from premium grapes with an infusion of tea, oak, and cocoa. Bold, complex, and perfect for pairing with grilled dishes. Redefine your non-alcoholic experience with Surely – crafted for happier hours without compromise.

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Syrah (Shiraz)

With its spicy and smokey undertones, Syrah—sometimes referred to as Shiraz in some areas—is a wine that goes well with brisket. Its unique flavor combination harmonizes wonderfully with the rich, smokey character of the brisket, resulting in a flavorful, complementing experience that is difficult to pass up.

Best Choice
Cru International California Syrah

Elevate your wine experience with Cru International California Syrah. Indulge in the rich flavors of this exquisite Syrah, meticulously crafted for a taste of California in every sip. A perfect addition to your collection.

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Merlot is a mellow, accessible wine that goes well with smoked brisket because of its well-balanced taste. Its smooth qualities make it a flexible option, particularly if you’re searching for a wine that accentuates the meat’s smoked flavor just enough.

Best Choice
Lussory Premium Merlot

Lussory Premium Merlot Alcohol-Free (0.0%) Red Wine 750ml from Spain. Rich maroon red with fruity aromas and light vanilla notes. Enjoy the essence of red wine without alcohol-related risks. Ideal with barbecues, red meat, and cheese. Low calorie (15cal/100ml) and low sugar (3.8g/100ml). A healthier choice for wine lovers.

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Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is a great wine to combine with smoked brisket because of its vibrant acidity and overtones of red fruit. This wine creates a harmonic and pleasurable dining experience by providing a refreshing counterpoint to the richness of the brisket.

Best Choice
Fontana Pinot Noir Wine Kit

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Ariel is the non-alcoholic go-to companion for smoked brisket. Imagine the strong acidity and cherry notes of Ariel combined with the smokey brisket flavor — it sounds like a BBQ love story! Ariel is the go-to for a vibrant and enjoyable combination because it offers the wine experience without the alcohol. Cheers to sharing your smokey BBQ with all the guests at the table, even the non-drinkers!

Best Choice
Ariel Cabernet Non-Alcoholic Red Wine

Ariel Cabernet Non-Alcoholic Red Wine: Aged in small oak barrels, 99.5% alcohol-free through a gentle cold filtration process. 750ML.

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Red Blend

A well-balanced red blend can be a dependable option if you need clarification on the exact wine to pair with your brisket. Red blends are an excellent option for BBQ parties when a wide variety of flavors are served since they combine several grape varietals to create a wine that offers a vast range of flavors and features.

Best Choice
Starla Wines Non-Alcoholic Red Blend

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Keep in mind that wine pairing is all about personal preference, so go ahead and try several combinations until you discover one that you like. You should also consider the sauces, sides, and seasonings you’re serving with your brisket because these can affect the wine you choose.

It is an excellent idea to offer wine slightly cold while serving smoked brisket, particularly in warmer climates. This can improve the whole experience and give the filling dish a cool contrast.

Choose one of these wines to enhance your dining experience the next time you enjoy a succulent plate of smoked brisket. Let’s toast to the ideal couple!


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