Welcome and greetings, BBQ friends!

My name is Leon Hitchens. I know BBQing is now a profession. But, it’s as much of an art as it is a science. I designed this website to grow a community of folks on their journey – from beginner to pro.

Our Mission

I wanted to share my knowledge as I was learning about BBQing. I was learning how long to let a Brisket Rest or how to make the best-burnt ends. Plus, I was constantly researching accessories and best practices. I now have a team of writers who explore, test, and experiment with different methods for smoking ribs, brisket, and other meats.

The team also knows its not all about the results. It’s bringing friends and family over to host them. It’s the process from trimming the fat to getting the right internal temp. We want everyone to have enjoyable outcomes with pride from the process.

Have Questions?

Have questions or want to get some professional help? Email the team at [email protected].


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About Me

Greetings BBQ & Brisket fans!

Since BBQ is now a professional career, I designed this website to turn you into a Brisket Pro. BBQ is more than a cooking style; it’s a lifestyle and art form. 

Read about how our community of grilling pros gets the perfect bark on our brisket or what grills and accessories we use. Plus, ask questions and find answers to your burning BBQing questions.